Chart of price change GBP/NOK

Currency pair GBPNOK belongs to exotic currency pairs and shows a ratio of the British pound against Norwegian krone. In this trading instrument the British pound sterling acts as the base currency, and Norwegian krone — quoted. The quotes of GBPNOK trading symbol specifies how many units of the British pound sterling it is possible to purchase for one Norwegian krone. The most active bilddings on this trading instrument are conducted during working hours of the European exchange.

The economy of Norway takes leading positions in a rating of the countries with an industrial and agrarian orientation. High level of living and economic stability have a positive impact on the GBPNOK trading instrument. In forecasting of GBPNOK price movement is significant market research of oil and commodity materials. Thanks to natural riches, Norway is included in the three of world leaders in the production and export of black gold.

The industry of the country is oriented to the creation of oil drilling platforms. Norway conducts a vigorous trading activity with EU countries and the USA, exporting the production of mechanical engineering, energy resources and high-quality seafood.

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