Chart of price change GBP/TRY

Currency pair GBPTRY is the exotic trading instrument and the currency entering five the most popular world financial instruments. In this currency pair, the role of base currency plays the British pound sterling, and the Turkish lira acts as the quoted. The quotes of GBPTRY show how many Turkish liras it is necessary to pay for the purchase of one British pound sterling. The trading symbol GBPTRY is characterized by high spreads that guarantee high profit along with huge risks.

On the GBPTRY trading instrument has impacted a rate of the British pound, which differs in stability and enjoys wide popularity at traders. The total quantity of transactions in the international exchange market with the participation of the British pound constitutes about 15%.

The oil market has a considerable impact on price maneuvers of the GBPTRY currency pair. Turkey is one of the largest exporters of agricultural goods and production of the steel markets. When forming a rate of GBPTRY, it is worth paying attention to fundamental factors of the EU, and especially to interest rate realignments of the European Central Bank.

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