Chart of price change NZD/JPY

Currency pair NZDJPY compares New Zealand dollar with the Japanese yen. The pair is a cross-rate where the New Zealand dollar represents base currency, and the Japanese yen acts as the quoted one. The NZDJPY tool differs in the high volatility accompanied with sharp and unpredictable jumps of the price. Because of the “explosive” nature, the pair doesn't enjoy special popularity in the international exchange market Forex.

The difference between interest rates of the Central Bank of New Zealand and Japan has the main impact of the NZDJPY trading instrument. Considering strong dependence of Japan's national economy on the USA, when forecasting price movement of the pair it is necessary to pay attention to macroeconomic indicators of both countries. A mechanical engineering industry condition, and also innovations in the field of high technologies support the economy of Japan at the high level and positively influence a yen rate. The New Zealand dollar is considered raw currency and depends on the level of demand on the minerals extracted in a country's subsoil and also on a condition of its agricultural industry.

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