Chart of price change USD/HKD

Currency pair USDHKD be classified as an exotic pair which represents a ratio of the American dollar against Hong Kong dollar. The daily average trading volume of this instrument makes 1,5 billion dollars and it is considered small in comparison with the most popular pairs in the Forex market. Quite often professional traders use USDHKD pair in the trade.

The USDHKD quotes are affected by general economic and political situation in the USA and Hong Kong. The economy of Hong Kong is dependent on trading activity with his main business partners from around the world. Also, it should be noted that in Hong Kong there is one of the largest stock exchanges that on many indicators exceed some largest American and European exchanges.

In the country is developing the tourist sector of the economy, and service trading is considered the main source of the income, still the important role is also played by export from China. Choosing this trading instrument, the trader should watch the economic situation of the USA as the Hong Kong dollar is attached to the US dollar.

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