Economic calendar

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What is the purpose of Economic calendar?

Economic calendar along with market news, analytics and Forex signals reflects a current market state, and provides full picture in regard to events, that may occur within the next few days in the foreign exchange market.

How to use economic calendar in trading operations?

Trader should check the release date of indicator or event, its current value, analyse expert's forecasts regarding the new value of respective indicator. When the current indicators seems to be better than the predictable ones, the market, as a rule, reacts on it by growth of national currency. When current indicator doesn't reach the forecast's level, the currency falls in price. The more keen mismatch between reality and forecast is, the more explicit price development will be.

How to select required time period of the calendar?

Parameters filtering settings allow user to select required time period that reflects economic events over a certain time-frame.
By means of the «Date or period» option there is a need to indicate date (months) for the subsequent monitoring of the events in the defined, preferred period of time, then click «Apply».

What type of analysis is correlating with the economic calendar?

Each trader, in a varying degree, needs economic calendar, but the ones, who use fundamental analysis when trading, barely can't manage without it.

The current calendar includes itself a detailed schedule of national measures output. The fundamental indicators have an active influence upon movement in exchange rates, therefore information presented in the calendar will assist you to develop the most efficient trading strategies.

On what world economic events attention, when working with calendar, should be paid?

Events that influence upon price or market exchange of one or another financial unit, to which relates growth or fall of GDP, information concerning level of unemployment in the USA and Europe, interest rates of world leading banks, development pace of production and inflation data are most important events of the market, on which attention must be paid when working with economic calendar.

What does form an economic calendar?

State authorities and independent research organizations publish permanently its data and reports evaluating economy and economy's state in whole, as well as its separate sectors. Indexes and graphics of statement publications are known in advance, and these data described above, form the economic calendar.

What scenarios may happen at the output of each calendar economic report?

There are 3 scenarios may be:

  • When report does coincide with forecast.
  • When report turned out slighter than forecast itself
  • When report surpassed the experts expectations.

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