The Support section is designed for GuruTrade guests and users to provide more detailed information about our services and trading fundamentals. Are you a beginner in the Forex trading and you have questions about trading? Here you will find the answers at the most common questions as: how to choose the Forex broker, how to choose the trading account type, what are the trading signals and how to work with them, what software is necessary for trading and many other things.

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How to choose a broker

If you are a newcomer to the Forex market, the process of learning obviously should start from the question who are the brokers and what functions do they fulfill in the financial markets. The broker is a financial company which offers the possibility to trade currency tools, metals, raw materials and stocks. Brokers perform all trading activities of their clients called traders whose essence consists in buying or selling the financial instruments. To choose the broker is the first dilemma which is faced by beginning traders on their way to profitable Forex trading.  

How to choose a trading account

After you have chosen a broker, you should determine an account type which trading conditions will be the most suitable for you. Trading account is your personal trading space at the broker where are placed your funds for maintaining a trading activity in the financial markets.

How to open a real Forex account

The real trading account represents the personal trading account in broker company opened by the client, which provides him access to the financial markets trading. The funds deposited by the client are accumulated in his trading account, respectively, all profit from trading activities will be charged using real money on the same account.

Trading conditions of brokers

Trading conditions are one of the key criteria while choosing a broker and trading account type. Besides to good execution, stable work of a trading platform and reputation of the Forex company, parameters of the provided trading conditions plays an important role for profitable trading of the clients. These characteristics can vary depending on the type of the trading account and include

Possibilities of CopyFX transaction copying system

RoboForex company occupying one of the highest places among the brokers offered to the clients the CopyFX service intended for copying of commercial transactions of experienced Forex traders.

What is rebate

Rebate on Forex represents a certain discount which is realized through a return to the trader of part of a spread or the commission. Regardless of that, profitable was a transaction or not, the trader anyway receives back the part of the means paid to the broker for transaction execution.

How to use Rebate service

Rebate from GuruTrade represents a great opportunity for beginners and professional traders to receive additional earnings, having spent only some minutes to open the account at the broker directly from our site. For each transaction rebates will be deposited in your account that will reflect positively the size of your trading capital. Having become our client, you will discover a new type of fast and stable income acquisition which isn't integrated to additional risks.

Rebate service - Reward program

We launch the program of award payments for GuruTrade clients which have connected the RoboForex trading accounts to our Rebate service. The bonus fund of the program makes a total 1 000 000 (one million) US dollars.

Rebate service - information for brokers

Rebate service from GuruTrade is one of the profitable types of collaboration, and also a tremendous opportunity to increase business volumes, to expand client base and to distinguish from other brokerage companies.

Where to start?

The Support section is a guide for beginners in Forex trading, describing the key moments in trading and some specific things, for example, how to trade CopyFX signals and how to open demo account on GuruTrade. It is very important to understand each operation in trading from the fist steps and to realize some trading peculiarities which can affect your productivity.

Useful knowledge for start

This section contains the information that will help you to understand what parameters are crucial choosing a broker, a trading account and what characteristics of the broker will be favorable to you.

Here you will find out how to choose and how to open an account, and how to open demo account for training before opening the real one. What trading conditions of a demo account are provided for potential GuruTrade user, how to download and install the MT4 terminal, how to register an account in the CopyFX system and how to start working with the signals service - the answer to all these questions you will find in the Support section.

We are always pleased to share with you the useful information and all materials that you need.

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