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How does the rebate service work?

Currently, RoboForex is the first broker participant in the rebate service. You should open the account at the broker RoboForex through our site, add it to the list in your Private office and after confirmation receive back part of a spread from each transaction irrespective of the outcome.

Why should I use rebate service?

It helps you to increase your profitability without any charges and risks.

How much profit can I make?

Every trader has a possibility to receive unlimited profit, depending on the trading volume. The size of rebate reaches up to 50% of the spread and depending on the spread of chosen trading instrument you can calculate the profitability level.

Can I use rebate service on a demo account?

The demo account opened on our website also can be added to the rebate service. All virtual rebates and rewards will be immediately charged into the registered account.

If my trade is losing, do I still get a rebate?

Exactly, a rebate is charged on your account irrespective of financial result of the trading operation. It doesn't matter, whether your transaction will be profitable or not, we will pay back you the part of a spread anyway.

Why is it necessary to open an account through GuruTrade service for payments receiving?

GuruTrade receives affiliate commission for each client who opens an account through our site. In the quality of a reward that the client has chosen our site we return him 50% of a spread that he had paid. If the client is registered directly at the broker, he doesn’t have the opportunity to receive a rebate of such size.

How does the trading conditions change for the client?

When opening the account through our Service of spread returning, the trading conditions remain the same as if you have opened the account directly at the broker. It implies that the size of spread, commissions, lists of trading tools and other trading conditions remain completely the same.

Could the Rebate service access my account?

The only possibility that we have, is to receive the history of your transactions on the account  registered in Rebate service.

Can the client connect the already existing trading account to the Service?

Working conditions with Service of spread returning implicates opening the account via our website. The existing trading account opened in a different way can be used, for this purpose you need to address the support service of the broker asking to include your current account in the Gurutrade affiliate group.

Which brokers support the GuruTrade rebate service?

The first participant of Rebate service is RoboForex. Going forward, the list of the brokers will gradually expand.

Is it possible to connect several accounts to the Service of spread returning?

Yes, it is possible. However, pay attention that the charge of the rebate to your trading account will take place only if the account was opened via our website.

Can the client open several Private offices?

According to the rules of our site, multiple registration are not allowed. To get aquainted with the rules of our site follow this link.

How can I withdraw my profits?

The rebate is charged daily on your trading account. The procedure of withdrawal is made in your Private office at the broker according to its rules. The information provided in the GuruTrade account serves the informative aims and assist in the charges control.

When is it possible to see the received profit in my Private office?

Charges are made daily and become visible in the Private office right after transfer on the trading account.

When is it possible to withdraw the profit?

You can withdraw the profit under general conditions after charge to the trading account at your broker.

What should I do in case of an error in profit calculation?

In this case, you need to contact the Administration of our site through a feedback form.

In what currency rebates are charged?

You can choose the currency of your trading account in the new account registration process at the broker.

Return 50% of spread

Join now the rebate service

Get on your trading account premium of $10 for every $100 of profit

Return 50% of spread

Join now the rebate service

Get on your trading account premium of $10 for every $100 of profit

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