How to become a Trader in CopyFX system

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Each trader constantly searches for the most effective option of earning. For this purpose he needs a good broker, suitable trading conditions, the possibility of fast account depositing and withdrawal of funds from it, and also many others, smaller, but not the least important trading attributes. And now imagine that there is an opportunity to gain an additional income on Forex account, without increasing the risks. If you are ready for trading in such a way - welcome to CopyFX system!

How the trader receives an additional profit on CopyFX?

What benefit the trader gets from CopyFX trading? It consists in the opportunity to receive additional profit from the commissions which will be paid to the Trader for copying of its transactions into the accounts of Investors.

On CopyFX, there are 6 types of Forex accounts matching according to characteristics with the accounts available in the RoboForex company which is carrying out a role of the trading platform in this system. Each Trader, being connected to the system, can choose the account type which is the most convenient to his purposes and requirements.

Trading of the Trader on the CopyFX account takes place in the same way, as well as on the regular Forex account. The difference is that here the commission by other users of the system - the Investors copying his transactions into the trading accounts, is still paid to the Trader. Within such cooperation, the future trading perspective of the Trader depends only on the decisions made by him.

On CopyFX, there are two options of commission charge to the Trader: from all amount of the offer got for the period of profit or separately from every profitable copied transaction.

1. “The trader on profit”.

The commission of the Trader will be expressed in this case by percent from the general profit got by his followers.

In CopyFX system, each Trader can get from the subscribers up to 50% of the profit, but thus the objective quality evaluation of the performed trade is important. The high percent of payments can become a cause of failure of subscribers from a partnership with the Trader even if his trading strategy brings in the stable income.

2. “The trader on commission”.

The commission of the Trader is designated by a fixed rate in US dollars for each lot of trade volume of the profitable transactions copied into the account of his followers here. The commission on such scheme is paid for each profitable transaction and provided only when the profit on it exceeded the size of a commission rate.

Each Trader of CopyFX system has the right to increase a rate of payments for 1 lot of a business volume to 10 USD. However, expectations of the Trader shall be supported with its productivity that potential followers were sure of the correctness of high commission assignments.

The main benefit of CopyFX system is an opportunity for the Trader at any time to change the type and terms of subscription. It allows it to control and manage the additional earnings completely.

How to become the part of CopyFX?

To start trading as a Trader, it is necessary to open the account in CopyFX system.

copyFX registration

After its registration and depositing, the setup of subscription terms of the opened offers will be required. In the parameters, the Trader shall determine, by what method it is more convenient for him to receive the commission and during what period the Investors registered in the system will be able to copy transactions from its trading account.

copyFX settings

As soon as conditions are set, the account of the Trader will become available for the copying of all transactions made on it by followers. The Trader's task, in this case, is reduced to conducting stable, profitable trading and obtaining for its commission assignments from the subscribers.

Earn more with CopyFX!

After the first successful transaction, the Trader's account gets to the CopyFX Rating where participants are sorted by the success of the trading indicators based on which Investors can choose the most suitable partner for cooperation.

rating copyfx

Detailed information on trading results contains in the Card of the participant.

For extension of the list of subscribers the Trader needs to receive stable results in profit, improving thereby the positions in the Rating. The Card can be promoted on social networks and on Internet forums. Even if at first nobody doesn't sign on the Trader's offers, he should continue trading, regular, showing the skills to potential subscribers and attracting their attention to own trading progress.

The CopyFX system is the available trading platform which unites Traders and Investors and allow them to use the best conditions for long-term mutually advantageous partnership. Connect to CopyFX and see for yourself!

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Return 50% of spread

Join now the rebate service

Get on your trading account premium of $10 for every $100 of profit

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