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If you've decided to connect your life with Forex market trading, but don't know where to start, GuruTrade will become your reliable guide in the world of financial speculation. The trader in the Forex market is a professional speculator who takes the greatest possible profit from trading and thanks to the rich trading experience can manage not only his own deposit but also means of the attracted clients (investors).

What types of traders exist?

All traders are divided into several groups, depending on their trading style:

  • Scalper - makes a lot of short-term transactions during a short period of time.

  • Intraday trader - trades during a single trading session and doesn’t transit any open positions over midnight.

  • Position trader - trades according to the long-term strategy. The duration of transactions is from several days up to several months.

  • Long-term investor - prefers making transactions for several months or years.

Starting with elementary transactions with currencies and improving the trading skills and experience combining with necessary persistence each trader can become a millionaire. For these purposes on the GuruTrade portal has gathered all necessary information allowing to improve trading skills and techniques to all participants of the market irrespective of the methods and their trading style.

The first step on the way to financial independence is the correct choice of the broker - a link between the trader and the exchange market. The beginning trader can easily lose in broker companies variety and their offers. To avoid such confusion, GuruTrade detailed instruction will help to choose the best company for you from providing Rating of Forex brokers. After choosing the broker, the trader will need to choose the trading account. GuruTrade rating of accounts and the instruction on account selection will help our users to make the right decision. After the user can easily open the trading account at the chosen broker, using the appropriate instruction which is available on our portal.

Virtually every broker provides an opportunity to open demo account. This way trader can learn and to practice trading. On the educational account, the newcomer will be able to get acquainted with the trader's profession and trading platform. He will be able to study various trading instruments and to master all special functions of the trading terminal. 

Being successful trader is interesting and profitable!

The trader analyzes various signals, considers key events of an economic calendar and their influence on certain tools in order to make a right decision to buy/sell of raw materials, indexes, currency or precious metals. Forex market possibilities open for each trader's brilliant perspective for capabilities and skills implementation, which allow to get pleasure, not only for steady profit but from the trading process itself. Carefully analyzing the current market situation and making the correct trading decisions timely, the trader can multiply both his own capital and the funds of investor several times. Personal and intellectual skills, which can become undeniable advantages among other traders, along with rich trading experience, discipline, and justification of performing actions – all these factors can guarantee the future success of Forex trader. Impressive achievements of Warren Buffett, George Soros, and many other famous financial tycoons prove it in the best possible way.

Return 50% of spread

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Get on your trading account premium of $10 for every $100 of profit

Return 50% of spread

Join now the rebate service

Get on your trading account premium of $10 for every $100 of profit

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