Budget Can Trigger Upside For India
INDA, H4 Buy Profit: 0 pips RoR: 0%

Indian markets have suffered in the recent past as a result of demonetization. However, I believe that markets are attractively valued and can trend higher after the government budget is announced on February first week. With expectations in tax cut and other sops to spur economic growth, consumption related themes can surge higher and broad markets are likely to be positive on renewed FII inflows.

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Expect Upside For Canadian Pacific
CP, H4 Buy Profit: 0 pips RoR: 0%

Canadian Pacific has been sideways in the last few months and I expect a breakout on the upside relatively soon. The stock is worth accumulating for the next 3-6 months. Even with challenging market conditions and record low operating ratio, Canadian Pacific reported strong EPS and full year FCF of $1.0 billion. I expect FY17 to be stronger and operating efficiencies can translate into higher cash flows.

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Bullish On Hecla Mining
HL, H4 Buy Profit: 0 pips RoR: 0%

Amidst volatility in precious metal prices, Hecla Mining has been trading in a broad range, but I expect the stock to trend higher in the next 2-3 months. It is important to note that Hecla Mining beat analyst estimates for 3Q and also provided higher production outlook in November 2016. Even with recent drop in precious metal prices, I expect 4Q to be strong and guidance for FY17 is also likely to be bright. That should trigger the next rally for Hecla Mining.

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Remain Positive On Kinder Morgan
KMI, H4 Buy Profit: 0 pips RoR: 0%

Kinder Morgan did report lower than expected earnings for 4Q, but I expect the stock to move higher in the medium-term and any correction in the next few trading sessions is a good buying opportunity. For FY17, KMI expects to achieve distributable cash flow of $4.46 billion and invest $3.2 billion in growth projects. A strong investment pipeline with good dividends sustaining should help KMI trend higher.

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Uranium is hot again
UEC, W1 Buy Profit: 0 pips RoR: 0%

UEC has been hammered as its sector peer stated earnings would be significantly below analysts expectations. While this took sector peers in its free fall, the company is active in a field where uranium prices are expected to double, thereby justifying higher stock prices.

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MDLZ – Mondelez International Inc. Cl A
MDLZ, D1 Buy Profit: 95 pips RoR: 90%

After a bounce from 41 to 45 area in early December MDLZ – Mondelez International Inc. Cl A has been consolidating in a rectangle pattern with resistance in the 45.5 zone. A break of resistance could trigger new wave of buying and send prices toward 47.

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Chris Lau 1884 710
AMD's Trading Range
AMD, H4 Forecast

AMD shareholders are nervous about the share price ahead of the quarterly report. AMD *already* warned investors its near-term prospects would not reflect the future growth. The reason is simple. Revenue depends on drawing down old CPU/APU A8 and A10 chips. Polaris GPUs are becoming a bigger portion of sales but it takes several quarters to scale. In 2017/18, Ryzen revenues will become meaningful if priced competitively and if it performs as hyped. In the GPU market, Vega will have a good profit margin if it competes well against NVDA's GTX 1080.

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ULTA – Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance
ULTA, D1 Buy Profit: 240 pips RoR: 77%

ULTA – Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance is consolidating in an ascending triangle pattern with lower highs narrowing towards the lateral resistance in the 265 area a break of which could lead to new upward momentum with potential target in the 275 zone.

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Chris Lau 1884 710
Downtrend in Hanesbrand
HBI, H4 Sell Profit: 85 pips RoR: 27%

Hanesbrands is trading new yearly lows and shows no signs of rebounding.The stock is fairly valued at best at a 17x P/E and 10x forward P/E. The stock won the reward of worst 25 performer son the S&P 500. Scheduled to report on January 26, look for signs of the business rebounding. Cash flow and ROIC are two measures to look at. The company’s debt is weighing on performance. The Debt/Equity is 3.5x. Until management cuts debt and lifts FCF (free cash flow), HBI’s stock may underperform. The dividend yield is hardly generous at 2%. Short float is not very high at 7.6% but any further drop in revenue will have the bears piling up against this stock.

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Chris Lau 1884 710
Sell Easterly Govt Properties
DEA, H4 Sell Profit: -32 pips RoR: -6%

DEA caught my attention after the company rose ~20% last year and still pays a dividend yielding nearly 5 percent. The company is demonstrating strong revenue growth in the double digits in the last two quarters. Higher interest rates could prove a headwind for this REIT. Still, after raising $100 million in loans and reporting 100% occupancy for the operating portfolio, the stock looks perfectly priced. DEA holds $287.8 million in debt. The company forecast FFO of $1.19 - $1.23 per share for FY2016. There are better REIT ideas on the market. After DEA’s run higher, the stock does not look attractive.

0 11
Perrigo Company
PRGO, D1 Sell Profit: 7 pips RoR: 2%

PRGO breached the horizontal support line and continues to trend down on falling RSI. Previously, the stock breached both the 20 MA line and the 50 MA line in a bearish manner, suggesting the continuation of the downside trend. The protective stop for PRGO is put above the high of the rebound attempt, while the target lies at new lows.

0 13
Foot Locker
FL, D1 Sell Profit: 38 pips RoR: 17%

FL breached the horizontal support line and continues to trend lower. Previously, the stock breached the 20 MA line and the 50 MA line in a bearish manner. In addition, the 20 MA line just breached the 50 MA line in a bearish manner, suggesting the strength of the downside momentum. The protective stop for FL is put above the high of the breakout day, while the target lies at the next horizontal support line.

0 14
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
CBRL, D1 Sell Profit: -244 pips RoR: -64%

CBRL breached the local horizontal support line on falling RSI and continues to trend lower. Also, the stock has recently breached the 50 MA line in a bearish manner, suggesting the continuation of the current trend. The protective stop for CBRL is put above the 50 MA line, while the target lies at the next horizontal support line.

0 9
Atwood Oceanics
ATW, D1 Sell Profit: -7 pips RoR: -10%

ATW formed a double top pattern of falling RSI. Oil failed to break $57.50 for Brent and $55 for WTI and looks ready for correction, which in turn will lead to correction in overbought offshore drillers. The protective stop for ATW is put above the top, while the target lies at the 50 MA line.

0 12
Den 75 23
AUDNZD, H1 Forecast

The 1-hour chart shows a potential ABCD pattern formation.

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GBPUSD, H4 Forecast

Вчера на новостях пара показала хороший рост. На текущий момент идет коррекция, предполагаемая точка разворота находится на уровне 1,2305

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Bullish On Gold and Newmont Mining
NEM, H4 Buy Profit: 11 pips RoR: 7%

For the next few months, I am bullish on gold and I believe that Newmont Mining is likely to trend higher along with upside in gold. Gold has already surged from a sharp correction and as policy uncertainties increase, investors will seek refuge in gold for the foreseeable future. Further, I don't expect 3 interest rate hike in 2017 and as market participants discount that factor, gold will trend higher.

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Remain Bullish On Diamond Offshore
DO, H4 Buy Profit: -43 pips RoR: -25%

Diamond Offshore might have found some resistance around $19 levels, but I believe that the stock is poised to move higher in the medium-term. Besides the point that oil is likely to move higher and support sentiments for the offshore industry, I am bullish on Diamond Offshore from a fundamental perspective. The company has a strong balance sheet and is in a good position to service debt through 2017. I expect order backlog improvement in FY17 that should keep positive momentum for the stock going.

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Expecting Near-Term Upside For Starbucks
SBUX, H4 Buy Profit: 47 pips RoR: 16%

Starbucks has trended higher after a sideways to lower consolidation and I believe that the stock is poised to maintain positive trend as the company declares quarterly results in the coming week. Starbucks is trading at attractive valuations and the company's growth has been good in terms of comparable restaurant sales and growth in emerging markets. I expect 10% upside from current levels in the coming weeks and results coupled with guidance will serve as key positive triggers.

0 15
Bullish on Rexx Energy
REXX, H4 Buy Profit: 8 pips RoR: 32%

After being lower and depressed for a sustained period, Rexx Energy has finally surged higher and I believe that the upside will sustain for the stock in the next 3-6 months. Rexx Energy announced robust production forecast even as the company cuts on capital expenditure and this factor is the key upside trigger besides oil trending higher. Further, Rexx Energy recently sold Ohio Utica assets in the Warrior South Area for $30M to Antero Resources. This provides the company with much needed liquidity to as the $190 million RCF remains intact.

0 15
Chris Lau 1884 710
Coach is at a Cheap Valuation
COH, H4 Buy Profit: -32 pips RoR: -9%

Coach made a run to $39 before getting pulled lower on weak sales from JCPenny, Kohls, and Macy’s. Investing in Coach could go either way: if the brand is recovering, the company’s sales will improve. Conversely, the brand may be out of favor which would lead to the stock dropping again. Bet on COH rebounding: Coach’s forward P/E screams of value. At ~15x, the company just needs revenue growing by ~ 13.6%. The company has little debt and is highly profitable. The premium brand gives COH a high profit margin. In Q1, COH reported gross margin of 68.9%, thanks to directly operated businesses in the U.S. doing well. Volume is drying up and so is selling pressure.

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