Chart of price change EUR/USD

Currency pair EURUSD represent the relation of EU currency - euro against US dollar. Base currency in this pair is the euro and quoted - US dollar. The euro / dollar is the most popular currency pair in the Forex market. Nearly a half of all trading speculation in the exchange market is carried out with the participation of this pair. The main distinctive features of this trading symbol are high volatility and liquidity. This tool belongs to the major trading symbols. Thanks to the activity and popularity of currency pair EURUSD, as the trading instrument, is seldom chosen both by beginners and by professional players of the Forex market.

EURUSD, M30 Forecast

Euro advances, while investors are waiting for the ECB meeting

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EURUSD, H4 Sell Profit: 41 pips RoR: 247%


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Валютная пара EUR/USD продажа
EURUSD, M5 Forecast

Единая валюта торгуется около отметки $1,1839 в пятницу. На этой неделе она набрала 1 процент, несмотря на это к концу торговой сессии ожидаю снижение.

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EUR/USD Selling
EURUSD, M15 Forecast

euro must solve the problem of rising political risks. It could jump to 1,183 and 1,188

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GJk 1 1
EUR/USD new supply zone ahead
EURUSD, MN1 Forecast

Euro still trying to hold above the psychologically important level 1,2 but further decline to 1.18 is more likely

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EUR/USD после засдения ФРС
EURUSD, D1 Forecast

После заседания ФРС США в четверг, "американец" резко подорожал к основным своим конкурентам. Евро просел к доллару более чем на 1,2%. Регулятор объявила о начале процесса сокращения 3,5-триллионного баланса с октября, и намекнул на одно повышение ставки до конца года.

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EUR/USD look for 1.1825
EURUSD, H4 Forecast

EUR/USD fluctuates ahead of EU trade balance data and U.S. economic data

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EURUSD, H4 Sell Profit: 80.9 pips RoR: 262%

Отскок от двух годичного максимума. Коррекция пары и плюс фиксация прибыли за неделю. поддержка в районе 1.2000 и 1.1930

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Продажа EURUSD на уровне 1.1880
EURUSD, M5 Forecast

После коррекции во вторник пара EUR/USD обосновалась около отметки 1.1880.

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EURUSD: Divergence long
EURUSD, H4 Forecast

Of course, it's not investment advice but I suppose that it'll work.

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EURUSD - Пара тестирует новые максимумы
EURUSD, H4 Forecast

В четверг пара завершила сессию в зеленой зоне, также в пятницу торговый инструмент с утра демонстрировал рост.

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EURUSD - возможная коррекция
EURUSD, W1 Forecast

Евро продолжает рост по отношению к доллару на протяжении 2,5 месяца. Возможно, именно сейчас настал тот самый момент для достаточно осторожных продаж данного торгового инструмента.

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EUR/USD: Trading flat could take place soon
EURUSD, H1 Forecast

The price has shown a rebound from the support of 1,1410. The growth is possible to the level of 1.1485. Most likely there will be a wide flat soon.

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Black 4 65
EUR/USD: Waiting for Yellen testimony
EURUSD, H4 Forecast

The market is waiting for Yellen testimony and the publications of May and June data on the labor market as well. It's better to take a wait-and-see position.

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EUR/USD картина не четкая
EURUSD, H4 Forecast

Уровень 1.1440 пока выступает сопротивлением, пробой которого откроет путь к к уровням 1.1530 и 1.1600

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Qumo 0 5
EUR/USD has updated its minimum
EURUSD, H4 Forecast

The pair has updated the local minimum at the level of 1.1312. The ECB will publish its minutes from the latest meeting today, and if the tightening of monetary policy wouldn't be discussed, this could lead to an accelerated movement to the south.

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EUR/USD correction continues
EURUSD, H4 Forecast

The US dollar recovered slightly yesterday. The closest support levels are at 1.1340 and 1.1310. If the pair manage to break through the levels, the pair will fall to 1.1280-1.1245.

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Продолжается восходящая тенденция по EUR/USD
EURUSD, H4 Forecast

Индикатор MACD показывает на разворот цены, предполагаю коррекцию вниз, если пробьют поддержку на 1.1390 Сигнал в продажи подтвердится.

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Cool 0 11
EUR/USD: Showing upside Potential
EURUSD, H4 Forecast

The Euro to US Dollar still showing upside potential to 1.1500. Resistance level: 1.1470. Support level: 1.1390.

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EURUSD приблизилась к сопротивлению
EURUSD, D1 Forecast

Уровни поддержки: 1.1370, 1.1350. Текущее сопротивление 1.1470, 1.1500, более вероятно после коррекции пара продолжит рост.

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Black 4 65
The growth of the EUR/USD
EURUSD, D1 Forecast

The EUR/USD pair has risen after European Central Bank president Mario Draghi talked up the positive changes for the European economy. That makes it more likely the pair will continue to rise today up to 1.14.

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The most actively EURUSD currency pair is traded in Western Europe and the USA. Trading sessions of the largest centers of a currency pair turnover approximately match on time, therefore, generally movements of the couple on a price chart activity, rather smoothly with the small periods. The euro / dollar is guided by the movement of a trend, by means of the graphical analysis, it is possible to allocate a trend using levels of support and resistance.

The traders who chose this couple as a trading instrument should pay attention to the economic events, and also other fundamental factors in Western Europe and the USA, including monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve and European Central Bank, a difference of key interest rates of the Fed and European Central Bank, reports of large corporations, and also the dynamics of the commodity markets. Another important factor having an impact on a currency pair EURUSD is geopolitical changes.

For today, the common currency of the EU and world reserve currency — US dollar, represent the largest part of global currency mass and the most liquid couple EURUSD.

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