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    GuruTrade: Final Results of 2015

    One more year of your personal guide in the world of Forex - GuruTrade portal life slipped away. During the year a lot of work was done, mostly directed on improvement of already existing services, and also on the implementation of essentially new services and opportunities. The GuruTrade team of professionals works every day on providing to our users the most modern and effective solutions for successful achievement in the financial market. To keep up with the times, it is necessary to be in rapid evolution, and right now, in anticipation of the New year, looking back, we can estimate the fruits of our scrupulous work.

    The first updating was dictated by rhythms of modern trading and represent an excellent decision both for traders and for investors. The new section “Signals” gives to any player of the financial market opportunity to connect to the service of transactions copying CopyFX. On GuruTrade is available the Rating of CopyFX Traders which allow choosing the most suitable option for cooperation.

    The next innovation on GuruTrade is also caused by current trends in the world of trading, namely - possibility of communication and submit to the approval of the trading community personal trading ideas. The section “Ideas” of the GuruTrade portal gives to users the chance to show off the erudition and skills of technical analysis application, and also to bring adjustments in the forecasts and to get the considerable profit. Service of ideas on GuruTrade is highly appreciated Forex by beginners, and professional players on the market.

    Our audience constantly extends and we aim to make our site more useful to any participant of the exchange market. In 2015, we presented a Rating of binary options brokers, and also the Catalog of binary options broker accounts. Thanks to them the traders preferring this type of earnings in the financial markets can choose the most suitable broker and the trading account optimum under the terms.

    It is well known that one of the secrets of success is constant development and the onward movement. For the maximum convenience of GuruTrade users, many sections of the site underwent positive changes. The Forex brokers rating was updated and in the list became available rating explanation which confirms justification of the place taken by the broker.

    We have launched the new section “Live Guru” where users can share the trading ideas and keep the blog. Also, here the comments and reviews are available which for the convenience of users are taken out on separate pages. And if suddenly the user doesn't find the broker in GuruTrade rating, the situation will be corrected by the functionality implemented by us to add the broker in the rating list. The procedure of the request sending for new broker inclusion in a rating is extremely simple and available even to the unregistered users.

    Large innovations concerned the section “Monitoring” - the irreplaceable assistant of each trader. Optimization of the section allows traders to receive the most up-to-date and reliable information about spreads, swaps and quotes. Charts and other pages of this section are updated in real time and provide the freshest information from the financial markets.

    Everyone knows the expression: “He who owns the information owns the world”. For this reason, GuruTrade gives to all users the opportunity of operational information receipt giving to the players of the financial market confidence in the actions and decisions. Informers from GuruTrade reflect up-to-date information quickly, precisely and absolutely free of charge - they gave you the opportunity to use the most modern approach to search and receipt of information materials.

    The section “Education” was appreciated by the beginning traders, who is taking only first steps in the Forex market. This section is urged to make from each and every beginner to the professional trader. In this section are provided video lessons from professional analysts and experts in the field of trading. All information is divided into categories and covers all necessary questions to start trading in the international exchange market.

    The section “Help” which also underwent a number of changes this year will become a fine aid for the beginning traders. The beginning traders and investors will find answers to many questions. The section is divided into three main parts: “Support”, “For traders” and “For investors”. Thanks to the convenient navigation, just in several seconds you will be able to find the section and a question interesting to you. If the necessary information wasn't found, you can ask about Forex market trading and work of the site GuruTrade which won't keep waiting long for the answer.

    In 2015 on GuruTrade were carried out many upgrades and the improvements urged to increase the convenience of our users and information efficiency of a portal. Today we decided to open some surprises which appeared already in the following, 2016.

    Both traders and investors will discover a closer acquaintance to the service of transactions copying CopyFX giving real opportunities of earning and opening for participants absolutely new sides of trading.

    On GuruTrade will appear an opportunity to open a demo account and to learn the trading bases without risking the real money. Also, demonstration account of GuruTrade will present to experienced participants of the financial market opportunity to test trading strategy, the advisor, the signals provider or the indicator, without registering accounts at the broker. The GuruTrade demo account will be most approached to the widespread trading conditions on real accounts of popular brokers from our Rating, allowing preparing for real Forex trading with the minimum financial risks.

    In 2016 on GuruTrade will appear a service which is useful not only for traders but also to brokers. Rebate GuruTrade will begin an excellent method to increase profits without additional investments and risks. You are trading, and we are paying! Each trader will draw a certain interest from the commission of GuruTrade simply using our Rebate service. This option will allow brokers to attract new clients and to master a progressive format of the modern Affiliate program. And this is not the last innovation that wait from the brokers on our portal: in the future year, we have prepared absolutely new method of interaction where each broker will have an opportunity to register the Official representative. In its arsenal will be an opportunity to edit the Broker's card, to add analytics and news, and also to support the current information on the broker up-to-date.

    We sincerely hope that the options and opportunities provided on the site will help to increase efficiency and quality of your trading, having approached you to financial independence and achievement of effective objectives. Exactly, thanks to the professionalism of the team of like minded people we achieve new heights and we aren't afraid to set the most ambitious goals. In 2016 our users will discover new useful services and interesting innovations, suggesting them to continue series of the fascinating opening from the world of Forex.

    On behalf of the GuruTrade team, we want to congratulate you with the upcoming winter holidays and to wish you the kindest and sincere emotions in the new year. Thank you for being with us all this year - your trust and recognition gives us the incentive to move forward even more actively!

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