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USD/CHF expected to continue falling


USD/CHF is trading at 0.9705. The pair's quotations are traded slightly below the average line of the Bollinger Bands indicator at the moment. I think we can expect an attempt to...

GBP/JPY: Consider buying


As we can see on the chart, GBP/JPY couldn't keep below 144.60 level. It may be a signal to buy up to 148.50 and further selling from the level. But for today I consider only...

USDCAD — A buying opportunity


So, on Tuesday the Bank of Canada will have a Rate Statement released prior to the FOMC and maybe every trader will find opportunities.

EUR/GBP continues to grow


As we can see on the chart, the pair was able to break above 0.8548 level last week. The volumes were high enough and that's why I'd consider buying. Next target is on the...

USDJPY technical forecast


The pair is trading near the level of 110.9 and is located above it. In case of the level breaking down and fixing below it, USDJPY may drop to the level of 110.2. An alternative...

EUR/USD: Bullish trend need a correction


The EUR/USD pair needs a downward correction. There is unclosed gap below. Some important news have to come out to make the gap closed.

EUR/USD Daily Forecast


If the euro-dollar currency pair would be able to stay on the support of 1.1120 then most likely we will be able to see the 1.12 level by the end of the week and after which a deep...



The pair correction to 144.94 has been completed. If GBP/JPY comes back under the 145.45 level this will be a good signal to test 143.35 level.

Gold is moving inside the ascending channel


XAU/USD has formed an ascending channel on H4 chart. In the near future, there is no any reason going through the limits, but the incoming news can change everything.

USDJPY Bullish Trend


USDJPY managed to break through the resistance level of 113.542 as a result of today's growth. The volumes were quite high which means the large bulls will entrance the market...

XAG/USD: Expect a Recovery


Silver prices have decreased enough. Correction is expected up to 17$ per ounce.

EUR/GBP has formed a channel


EUR/GBP has formed a channel and is testing the strong support on the 0.8425. The MACD indicates a reversal from this level and the first target is on the support level of 0.8483...

GBP/USD Bullish Trend


The dominant trend for the pair is bullish for now. For further growth, the price should be fixed above the level of 1.2992.

AUDCAD Down trend


The daylight candle has opened below 1.0075 indicating a downtrend. Support Levels: 1.0025, 0.9996, 0.9950. Resistance Levels: 1.0105, 1.0150, 1.0180. After correction attention...

GBP/JPY: consolidation above 145.45


GBP/JPY consolidates above the resistance level of 145.45, indicating further growth potential and reaching the 146.65 level. Everything will depend on the support level 145.45...

EUR/USD continues to grow


The pair continues to grow after rolling back. Macron's winning the presidential elections will mean continuation of the upward movement up to 1.10-1.11.

XAGUSD The Lowest Price Testing


The Silver price non-stop falling is coming to an end. I think it still is too early to start buying but we need to be ready. After trying to update the lowest price it must be...

EUR / USD Pending Impulse


The EUR/USD currency pair has begun to form a pattern on H4 which continuation can be an impulsive moving down to the price of 1.08.

XAG/USD oversold zone


Silver (XAG/USD) leaves the oversold zone but it's too early to speak about changing trend. The resistance at 16.80 has been broken.

XAGUSD leaves the channel


Silver Prices exit the upper range of the descending channel and has formed an ascending channel. This chart shows it's time to start buying silver at least over the short term.

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