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    Eurozone GDP Data Confirmed: EUR/USD Consolidates

    Demand for the U.S. dollar remains relatively high, while one couldn’t say the same about the euro in early Friday’s trading, as investors had concerns over the subdued...

    5 Reasons Why a Cryptotrader Should Use Trading Bots

    Since the end of 2017, the use of cryptocurrency trading bots has been on the rise — more people are discovering digital currency trading, many of them using the appropriate...

    Stochastic Oscillator and Moving Average: Quick guide

    The stochastic oscillator is an indicator of technical analysis, which shows the position of the current price relative to the range of prices for a certain period in the past. It is...

    Automated Trading Systems: Should I Trust Robots My Money?

    Everyone involved in trading or investing is familiar with the concept of "automated trading systems". Are "advisors" able to earn money without trader's...

    Trading rules based on the technical analysis

    The following 10 rules are intended for technical analysts because they are based on the technical analysis. You will find these trading rules very useful.

    Forex Signal Services for Trading

    First of all you should know what are Forex signals. Forex brokers and free Forex analysts proposed Forex signals as a paid service. These signals analyze and oversee the market...

    Trading rules based on the technical analysis

    The technical analyst has to note trends, watch technical oscillators and indicators, and follow other trading rules in the framework of technical analysis.

    How Moving Averages Can Help Forex Traders

    As far as the popularity of Forex trading grow, for more and more people around the world it becomes a desirable occupation. People interested to work at home and to gain the same...

    Forex Market Economy Indicator

    All investors in the Forex market often make their trading decisions on the basis of economic and political news from around the world.

    The best Forex indicators

    Each trader's trading strategy provides for the reasonable use and a combination of several indicators which can predict and analyze the currency market.

    ECN Forex Trading — future in your hands

    ECN, that stands for Electronic Communication Network — is an innovative and futuristic way to trade on Forex market.

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