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    Are you objective in your forex trading?

    In this article we will discuss the really important question «How to stay objective in trading». Trading gives to a trader the opportunity to earn, but the trader go through a different kind of emotions and feelings throughout his trading. There are moments when trader hits a jackpot and then hits rock bottom and in these moments the trader lets the emotions overpower his things. So it means that he loses his objectivity. It is very difficult to stay objective when the trader loses his money, but the first rule of the trader is to stay calm and objective in trading.

    Why is it important to be objective

    First of all objectivity helps to the trader to achieve the goal of removing emotions and gives him possibility to think rationally. And if we say «be objective» we mean a number of typically things as:

    1. The trader should be unemotional, does not getting distressed in any way

    2. The trader should see things as they really are

    3. The trader should be neutral

    All these aspects help the trader to avoid many mistakes in trading. Successful traders have learned the lesson of staying objective in all situations that do not make wrong decisions. Owing to this, the trader must be objective and even if he loses it he must has the awareness of gaining it back before it is too late.

    The reason

    Firstly, the trader should understand the reason why is he trading. He must zone out from all negative thoughts and situations during the process of trading. There are several pieces of advice that the trader should follow:

    1. Take some time off during which you determine your standing.

    2. Force yourself to think objectively.

    3. Ask yourself about the instant situation and evaluate your trade again.

    4. If you have a new perspective you will realize that you are on the right way now.

    In trading, the trader meets so many pressure points, and sometimes the trader needs to get away and to think about his plans and what he is doing and how. From time to time traders get lost in this situation. That is why they should practice the skill of thinking backwards, because just this skill can work as a map to regaining objectivity in trading process.

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