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Benefits of Intraday Trading

Most traders coming to the Forex market and prefer intraday trading because this type of trading allows you to earn a great profit in a short period of time.

Besides, there are a number of additional advantages that makes intraday trading more interesting for market participants. 

The major advantages of intraday trading are the ability to trade on scalping and produce a dispersal of the deposit, no additional fees, trend forecasting and complete control over the performed transactions.

There are several advantages of intraday trading: 

1. Short-term transaction

A short-term transaction is a unique opportunity to use the maximum amount of leverage for obtaining super-profits. With the leverage strategy and scalping is possible in a day, to increase the initial deposit several times. It is difficult for long-term trading. Often these strategies are used to disperse the deposit when the stake is inserted all, but as a result, the trader gets the substantial increase in working capital.

2. No swap 

The Forex rollover fee or swap have not influence on the financial result. 

3. Forecast

Easier to make a short-term forecast taking into account the daily dynamics of price movement than predicting a trend behavior during the week and the forecast takes less time and efforts.

4. Stop Loss

When you are sleeping to save your business can only preset stop loss, but often there are situations when it is known in advance that open position becomes unprofitable and it is not necessary to wait for stop loss triggering.

5. Trading strategies

Intraday trading allows you to use in trade almost all Forex trading strategies and to maximize the number of tactical decisions. Some trading strategies are not always available in a long-term trading.

6. High profitability 

If you take the same profit and compare the daily profit in intraday trading and medium to long – term trading, then the first option is usually superior to the last two in several times. It means that if you do not have huge capital intraday trading is perfect for you, and the less balance, the shorter can be the time frame and more leverage.

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    For me intraday trading is a joke because this type of trading not suitable for professionals.

  • avatar-2251
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    I prefer long-term trading and I think that intraday trading is for beginners who just starts his trading way on Forex.

  • avatar-2166
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    I'm a newbie in Forex but I like intraday trading because it brings me a lot of profit.

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