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    Forex account tampering: How to protect yourself from fraud

    Despite the fact that money play one of the key roles in the modern life, just some people seriously think about the safety of their funds. And some of the traders are too careless. It can be understood with beginners: the deposit is small, the income is far from stability and others. However, over time the trader accumulates experience, the income is stabilized and grows, the sum of the deposit increases. And the loss of money because of elementary safety rules ignorance is not a very pleasant life experience. So, in what way swindlers can get access to the money of Forex trader?

    Do you love Internet surfing? You can remain without your Forex account password!

    The easiest way to exploit Forex account which is practiced by swindlers is theft of logins and passwords of trading accounts. For this purpose, special software is used. These executive files and viruses are very easy to hook in the Internet. As a rule, they look like an invitation to install some additional software, advertising banners with eye-catching content, and in general it can be imperceptible. Unfortunately, these programs are arranged in such a way that not every antivirus soft is able to recognize them. Especially it concerns free antivirus.

    In this regard, before registration on the Forex site of the broker or the dealing center, makes sense to check the computer for the existence of such malicious software by means of special anti-virus utilities.

    Don't keep important data from your trading account on your emails!

    One most widespread way of traders data tampering is e-mail. Here malefactors have some options.

    • The first (an obvious one) is hacking a mailbox. Often traders store in letter mail from Forex brokers, received at registration, which contain data for access to the account. To get access to such letters, especially, stored on some public mail services, doesn't represent any complex challenge for the skilled programmer.
    • The second way to steal your personal data emerges from elementary carelessness. The trader can receive a request to change the password, or an invitation to test some new trading system via e-mail. Also, there can be a notification about a prize of some kind of competition, for example "You are a 100500 visitor" or "The computer selected your candidacy among the 100500 traders for participation in…". Such letters come, as a rule, from the email addresses visually similar to the postal address of your broker. To open such letters, and especially to follow the links – is prohibited.
    • The third way - is a combination of the first and second methods. The trader receives the letter with some information drawing attention. Having opened such letter, the trader starts the special program which collects all found logins and passwords and sends them to the owner.

    Not just "password" from Forex account, but "the personal password".

    To minimize the risk of e-mail hacking, it is necessary to get a separate mailbox which will be used only for letters from your Forex broker and it won't be used for registration on other resources.

    Sometimes malefactors, under different pretexts - favorable investment and other tricks, try to entice the password from the user. Don't take any wooden nickels, nobody is not going to share money with you. Of course, it works only with very trustful traders, but, after all, the keyword here – "works". On some sites is written not simply "Password", but "The personal password", it isn't simple "Trader's office", but "The private office of the trader" and it is the most competent approach. It is necessary to remember that the password for the account is your personal and to transfer it to someone else is absolutely inadmissible.

    So, how to recognize that your Forex account were hacked before the scammers will manage to steal your money? If you have noticed that your trading terminal started to fail or to give some kind of unexpectable errors – it can be a sign that your account has been hacked. If it occurs, you must immediately change all passwords and urgently contact your broker support service.  

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