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Carol blogs

Currency Correlation in Forex Trading and How a Trader Can Use It

Sophia mason /

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William blogs

Several usual excuses not to start Forex trading

Mr Miller /

I like Forex trading and for me it's more than work 'cause I do it for pleasure and have positive results.

Murray blogs

Benefits of Intraday Trading

Carter /

For me intraday trading is a joke because this type of trading not suitable for professionals.

Tomphson_m blogs

Are you objective in your forex trading?

Johnson.rick14 /

If a trader has a good trading strategy and using trading plan he will be objective in this trading and his deposit will rise.

Crisnew blogs

Differences Between Winners and Losers in Trading


We should believe in our forces and trading strategy and learn the Forex materials and then we'll not lose our deposit but will get a profit.

Darrell blogs

Top 3 Reasons Do Not Use Expert Advisor in Trading

Plant Robert /

I agree with the author 'cause I've had a lot of problems with the expert advisor and once lost my deposit that's why I'll not use advisors in my trading again.

Jacob blogs

Whаt is a Scаlping оn thе Fоrex Mаrkеt?

Dorian /

I don't like scalping and I think that it's not a profitable strategy 'cause I'd a bad experience when used scalping in my trading.

Stephan blogs

Bulls, Bears and Other Forex Animals Every Trader Should Know About

AL Davis /

It's a general Forex information, but for beginners very useful, because without these animals in his trading will be chaos.

Donn blogs

5 Things for Stable Trading Profitability


Yeah, sure, a trader should know all weaknesses of his strategy 'cause without this he'll lose his deposit.

MELVIN W blogs

Your Forex Success Depends on Self-Motivation

William /

I know that my trading success depends only on my positive thoughts and my trading strategy, that's why I have positive results in trading.

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