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    5 Main Rules of Successful Trading

    Huge income is the main reason of growing popularity of investing in the international currency market. High deposit interest rates make Forex more attractive for the investors than banks or other financial institutes. However, an investor must use all his trading skills at Forex in the right way, if he wants to achieve real success and learn to earn a stable profit. There are several rules, which help to avoid the most common mistakes that are typical for beginners:

    1. Create and precisely follow investment plan

    The most common mistake, which the beginners often make is the predominance of their emotion over their mind. Many of them think only about quick profit instead of preparing the investment plan. Cold-blooded actions and strict execution of the plan is the key to success and high incomes. Such strategy will be useful to earn profit and minimize risks.

    2. Do not invest all your funds

    Each type of investing hides certain risks. But it does not mean that you do not need to trade at Forex. Just do not forget forget about the risks and do not invest all your money at Forex! Parachute jumper has a reserve parachute, an investor’s parachute is a rule not to use all the funds, just keep some money on account.

    3. Permanently gain your capital

    In order to multiply his capital an investor should ensure a steady increase of his investment fund. Large investments - it is the guarantee of earning good money, even in case of the low interest rate. Remember that small investments it is a difficult way for an investor to reach breakeven level and multiply his capital. The beginners should split money into two parts. The first one can be used of necessity, while the second one will target for investing and earning profit. It is the only way for you to reach steadiness and financial independence.

    4. Never yield to the present moment

    If an investor does not follow the selected trade strategy, he becomes a player, who responds to current market changes. You must not change your strategy and yield to the moment expecting quick incomes. Instead of profit-making you will face problems and will have to regulate your plans in quick mode. It is important to remain cold-blooded even if you begin to get profit from trading an instrument. Control your will - you must not invest all your money into one instrument, just do not forget that risks still remain there.

    5. Learn to take a right assessment of risks and incomes

    An expert in Forex trading knows how to evaluate potential incomes and losses. The main goal is to build up such an investment strategy that investor could manage with any problem and continue to trade.

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