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10 Rules of Wise Cryptoinvestor

On the background of market volatility, many cryptocurrencies have lost all the funds invested in digital money. Therefore, even if you have capital that can be invested in some...

5 Tips For a Novice Trader

Anyone can earn on the financial markets, but no more than 90% of traders achieve success in the long term. Here are the basic rules that will allow you to make a profit and not to...

Five Blockchain Issues to Keep in Mind

It's hardly worth considering blockchain a cure-all of humanity's diseases. Before using this technology, it is worth considering the surrounding issues.

6 Rules for Beginners in the Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency trading. It brings unbelievable pleasure when prices rise rapidly - and unbelievable despondency when the portfolio loses money.

7 Rules of Successful Forex Trading

So, have you decided to try your hand at the Forex market? Then you should keep in mind that risk is inevitable. But these simple rules will help you to succeed.

Beginner’s guide: What to choose for trading?

Have you pictured a trader’s work? Do you plan to become a king of all the stock or foreign exchange market, or would you prefer a safer trading target Like gold, for instance?...

Stock indexes as global economy’s state mirror

What are you doing, when your body temperature rises? Immediately contact a doctor, take a medicine, or still reach for a thermometer to understand what numbers are there and whether...

Hawks, doves, bulls and bears...who are them?

Every field of economy, any domain, just as every profession has its own terminology, in a way professional slang. You’ve already met the terms “bulls” and...

What currency pairs to choose for trading?

Once you have been registered in a brokerage company, first what you would be offered to do to choose among several types of assets, with which one would work, for example: currency...

Forex as lifestyle. First steps to financial independence

One hears very often such terms as Forex, Forex business, earnings by Forex, he made a fortune by Forex, Forex traders, Forex market or FX-market! If you are one who is eager to find...

What is the Best Variant for Trader Forex or Stocks?

The main goal of trading on the Forex market is to make a lot of money and every trader trying to do this.

5 Main Rules of Successful Trading

Huge income is the main reason of growing popularity of investing in the international currency market.

How to Turn Trading Rules into Good Habits?

In Forex trading following the trading rules is a great step that will help a trader to form good trading habits.

Top 5 Advantages of Binary Option Trading

On the financial field a trader meets a lot of markets and, of course, he should decide which of this trading areas choose.

5 Things for Stable Trading Profitability

Every trader starts trading on Forex market for making money and if he wants to have a stable profit he should follow to his trading strategy and, of course, there are several rules...

Three Useful Indicators for Beginners

The most popular types of analysis in Forex trading are technical, fundamental and sentiment.

Types of Forex Bonuses

In order to attract new clients, Forex brokers usually provide different trading promotions such as bonuses.

Bulls, Bears and Other Forex Animals Every Trader Should Know About

Forex is a field where every trader should work hard day by day and learn more details about how this system works.

Top 5 Trading principles in the Forex Market

Every trader who joined Forex deserve to reach good results in trading.

Common Bad Habits in the Forex Trading

Every trader wants to be successful and makes a lot of money, but very often the bad habits cramped their progress in trading.

Top 4 Typical Mistakes of Traders

Trading the difference of the prices theoretically seems obvious and easy, but in practice, most of the beginning traders make typical mistakes, and only very few of them obtain...

5 Ways to Avoid Losing Money in the Forex Market

Forex is the market where all participants have a possibility to sell, buy, exchange and, of course, speculate on currencies.

Advantages of the Forex contests

Every day brokers offer hundreds of contests for their clients.

Forex Education - to Pay or Not to Pay?

In the life of the ordinary person such concepts as “freebie” and “swipe” take not the latest place. It is well-known that for free everything seems much better

Several types of charts

Traders use the charts for making market decisions and conducting the technical analysis.

How to get good results in Forex trading?

The secret of successful trading consists of several simple but in the same time very complicated things and if the trader is ready to become successful it completely depends on him.

Wave analysis in the Forex market

The most part of the traders know wave analysis as a wave theory that was created by Ralph Nelson Elliot.

Forex Forums for Those Who Wants to Learn How to Trade

Very useful place in the social network where the newbies in trading can find the information about Forex market and how to trade the Forex is the Forex forums.

How to Become a Professional Trader

If you want to become a successful trader, be sure to dip into the training process: it is necessary to devote time and forces learning the art of Forex trading and to become the...

How to Interpret Price Action

We can define the price action as a different language that every trader should learn.

How to prognosticate price movement

To know further movement of a currency price is very important and it is a right wish.

Stop Loss in Forex trading

The trader should know that the trading on the Forex market is a variety of activities. Also, each trader should be able to know how to stop in time, because sometimes just one...

Cross currency rates in the Forex market

Most popular crosses are formed of three currencies: the euro, the Japanese yen and the British pound sterling

Forex trading styles

There are three basic styles of trading: intraday trading, intraweek trading and long-term trading.

Ten Characteristics of a Great Broker

What criteria is crucial while choosing a broker?

Forex recommendations

One of the most popular methods of extra earnings today is Forex trading.

The importance of trading plan

For all traders the trading plan is a successful way, especially if you want to earn money from trading business.

You should know these facts when choosing a Forex broker

You should choose your broker very carefully.

The 10 Commandments of Trading for Beginners

Learn to avoid typical mistakes of beginners.

What Currency Pair Should Choose a Trader?

The problem of currency pair choice often becomes a real problem for the trader.

Forex bonuses: The real benefit or a trap

Bonuses offered by brokers became a habitual attribute of Forex market work and often are decisive factors in choosing the company for trading.

Forex for beginners: 10 useful tips

This is a small instruction for beginners in the Forex market, I hope it will be useful for professional traders too. If you follow 10 presented pieces of advice, you will increase...

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