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It is no secret that it is much more interesting to share experience and to learn from others, than to listen to a lecture. That spurred us to create a new section. We believe what every trader has the experience to share with the others! Your opinion is appreciated as highly, as the opinion of the professional analysts. The GuruTrade team suggests combining efforts and to create the innovative platform for articles and publications about Forex market.

Different Classes of Shares

When a company is created, the only stockholders are the co-incorporators and first investor. For instance, if a startup company has two founding members and one provider of capital,...

Stocks - the Unit of Investment

Brief and to the point, stock (share or equity) is a part in the possession of a commercial entity. As you obtain more stocks, your ownership share in the business rises.

Stock Basics. Introduction

Is not it sounds perfect to be a businessman without office, staff and other traditional attributes? Imagine that your business grows, while you just sit back and count your profit....

5 Recommendations To The Beginning Investors From Professionals

What trading peculiarities can be gathered from the wisdom of market titans?

Silver Is a New Gold

For investors who have missed 46% silver’s rally this year, it is still not late to join it, according to the company owning the world’s most profitable index fund.

6 Rules For Those Who Want To Grow Rich On Stocks

Everyone can become a millionaire — if he make an effort, and show diligence and persistence.

Gold Investments: 5 Things You Have to Keep in Mind

While investing in Gold it is necessary to remember 5 main things and gold price won't matter at all.

Investment Secrets — for Beginners and the Most Experienced

What should be known to all investors — both experienced, and beginners.

Why Oil is the Best Investment of 2016?

How to find out that the stock is really cheap and will not fall even more.

5 Main Investment Mistakes

The best approach to the investment is directly connected with careful research and discipline.

3 Reasons Not to Invest in Gold

In the financial markets, there are no firm assets, that are not subjected to the volatility.

5 interesting reasons to trade GOLD

Gold is not just an expensive jewelry.

5 Tips for Profitable Stock Trading

Choosing financial markets as a main form of making money is a very brave decision.

4 Golden Tips for Investor

These four simple recommendations will help you to invest in precious metal with benefit without getting into a golden trap.

Copycat investing: Common mistakes

Copying investment portfolio of famous and successful investors or institutional investors can lead to the considerable losses.

Long-term Stock Investment

Long-term stock investment - is a science. People who engage in similar activity, have to constantly watch market changes and incessantly study the financial diploma. Stock...

Gold — time-proved investment

There are many reasons to purchase gold for capital funds accrual and its maintenance. Gold is the investment checked by time. Amid crisis, it can be extremely useful.

Give investors the price of a pint!

It is a high time to look for new sources of the income, if you lost a lot of money in 2014. Join brewing branch — it grows.

In this section, participants of the Forex market and GuruTrade users can create Forex-themed publications.

Are you good at creating analytical reviews and forecasts? Share with us!

Do you have an excellent idea about new Forex trading strategy? Share with us!

Are you an experienced trader and you can give good advice to the beginners? Share with us!

We perfectly know how much it is not said about Forex market and that there is a lot of information is not available in the open sources. Your publications can help many traders to accumulate experience, to improve their work and even to increase the profit!

We hope that this section will become not only exceptionally useful, but also extremely interesting source of information for traders!

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