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    How to Use Stop-Loss in Cryptocurrency Trading

    Let's discuss what types of stop-losses exist, how they differ, how to apply them and — most importantly — when.

    3 Cryptographic Trading Strategies

    As in any traditional market, there are a lot of earning opportunities and trading strategies in the crypto market that can be used to try to "game the market".

    Main Principles of Technical Analysis

    Technical analysis is a method of price forecasting based on information about market quotes, volume, and open interest. The main of the three components is the price, the study of...

    5 Fundamental Factors on Forex

    From interest rates to natural disasters - what affects exchange rates.

    6 commonly-used trading strategies for Forex market

    Forex trading as it may seem at first glance looks like a relatively easy way to make quick profits, but it is not entirely true. The world of Forex can be difficult, confusing and...

    Successful Forex Trading Begins With Money Management

    The Forex trading success depends first of all on trader’s skills to cope with one’s profits, with trading capital in general. The clue principle that a trader should...

    Cryptocurrency Trading: Scalping and Other Strategies

    Is it possible to apply the Forex trading strategies, such as scalping, in the cryptocurrency market? This is the main issue of this article.

    Bear or Bull Market: What is the Best Choice?

    In Forex trading the main factor in choosing of the trade direction is a trend.

    Forecasting Exchange Rates

    At first glance, forecasting exchange rate does not seem feasible but if you know the basic technical aspects, you can carry out this procedure yourself without resorting to...

    Currency Correlation in Forex Trading and How a Trader Can Use It

    Currency correlation in Forex trading is a technique that can significantly improve understanding of the market processes and the quality of trader's short-term and medium-term...

    Whаt is a Scаlping оn thе Fоrex Mаrkеt?

    Sсаlping cаn bе chаracterized аs a mеthоd оf trаding thе currеncy mаrket whiсh inсurs еntеring аnd еxiting the mаrket at vеry shоrt intеrvals and often as a result bringing smаll...

    How a Trader Can Figure Out The Best Time to Trade Forex

    The timing is one of essence to the success of a trade and every trader should know this fact.

    What all one should learn to trade in binary options?

    Binary means ‘having two parts’, thus in binary options a trader has only two investment possibilities; it’s either a put or a call for him.

    3 Forex Exit Strategies

    Considering the possibility of asset purchase, at the same time, consider the opportunity to sell it.

    4 Useful Forex Trading Strategies

    The success of professional traders depends on Forex trading strategies that they use in different market situations.

    Medium-term Forex Trading: Profitable Way of the Experienced Trader

    By the popularity among Forex traders, medium-term trading takes the second place after day trading.

    The pending order strategy in the Forex trading

    The pending order strategy has a huge popularity among Forex traders.

    How to Create a Profitable Trading Strategy?

    Many traders, irrespective of their trading method, can't find a way out of unprofitable transactions. Often their approach to the development of the correct strategy is guilty...

    Secrets of Forex Scalping

    We can meet numerous trading methods on the financial markets, that it is already impossible to keep in mind all of them. Nevertheless, short-term transactions won so-called,...

    The advantages and rules of working with Forex advisors

    The trader has the possibility to trade Forex in two ways manually and automatically.

    Types of Trading Strategies

    All numerous Forex trading strategies used by currency traders can be divided on planning time horizons.

    Forex Trading Strategies

    Forex market is the most active financial market in the world. Nearly 3,2 trillion dollars are traded daily in this market, flowing through accounts of investment banks, hedge funds,...

    Intraday Trading Strategies

    The term “day trading” or “Intraday trading” is used to describe a process of buying and selling a stock in the stock market or currencies in the Forex market...

    The right choice of currency pair for scalping

    There are many traders who use scalping methods in trading. Scalping can be used as the main technique of profit generation, and also as an auxiliary technique to enter medium-term...

    Profitable Forex Trading on Political Events

    Sometimes political events affect the Forex market even more, than economic events, after all dynamics of the economy is defined by the course chosen by the country leaders.

    Binary options strategies

    Binary options trading today is one of the most profitable and fascinating occupations as long as certain rules are respected.

    5 tips every trader should know before a short sale

    To obtain the success in online currency trading, it is necessary to define the direction of currency movement using fundamental and/or technical analysis, and after that to operate...

    Free Forex strategies

    Forex trading is an occupation for experts. It demands a comprehension of market trends and Forex news. However, the timing of entrance and exit plays a crucial role determining your...

    Scalpers: Who They Are and What They Do

    Scalpers represent such type of traders who open and close transactions dozens and even hundreds of times a day.

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